E39 on a last breath

Some time ago toghether we had a chance to visit Lithuania and meet some of the cool LT stance guys and check out their project cars - one of which was this BMW 5 series. No one would ever guess how this car looked when it's all started. Only a fact that this is a -96 model will show off time and effort that Edgaras has put into his "old hog". Since the beggining modification touched almost every aspect of the car - full M5 body and interior with custom exhaust including rear floor panel from M5. CCW wheels which fit the car perfectly, specs are as follows: R18 10.5/11.5J with nicely stretched 225/40 and 265/35 rubber. Last rumors claim that the car is getting a heart transplant to finalize this 5-series transformation. Pictures speak for themselves showing how great this car looks. Actually engine swap is in progress now. This is gonna be huge. It's a project where Latvians and Lithuanians came togehther as brothers to solve quite a lot of technical and electrical tasks. As you can guess the engine in question is not a genuine E39 M5 engine S62. Would not be an issue to fire up that one. So i will stay mute till 2017 season where we'll uncover all details on this great project. To see more projects like this come and see us at "Low As Bass 2016" - in Riga, Skonto Hall, 20.08.16undefined

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