Wisefab - S Chassis Steering Angle / Lock Kit

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Wisefab - Creators of some of the craziest steering angle on the planet. This S chassis kit (for Nissan S13,S14,S15 200sx Silvia and 180sx) is now also available as 'Formula Drift Legal' This means that the kit is legal for all championships that we know of. The normal Wisefab kit is still legal for most championships, but comes with fixed top mounts so is slightly cheaper. The kit includes 2x New Hub Knuckles 2x One piece lower arm/tension rod 2x Tie Rods 2x Offset Rack Spacers 2x Tie Rod Ends Optional Ackerman Adjust Kit This kit replaces these standard parts on your S13, S14 or S15: The hub knuckles Lower arms Tension rods Tie rods Tie rod ends Suspension top mounts. Key features of the Wisefab kit Offering around 65 degrees of steering lock, the Wisefab S-Chassis kit comes set with parallel steering (0 ackerman), and perfect clearance. So this means that both wheels turn at the same angle and neither wheel hits the lower arm. - This means that there is minimal tyre scrub at high steering angle and you experience precise steering. An Optional Ackerman Adjust Kit is available, which will allow you to adjust ackerman positively or negatively (so the wheels don't turn completely parallel) - This has been noted to be an essential option by Formula D driver Fredrik Aasbo in testing the Wisefab kit. 56mm of Roll Centre Correction - This keeps the angle of the arms within range on lowered vehicles, and compensates for the removal of the front anti roll bar. Improved Camber Control - Assists in keeping the tyres contact patch as the suspension compresses. Improved Steering Jacking - As steering lock is increased the effects of steering jacking also increases. This is where one side of the car lifts as steering lock is applied. The Wisefab kit has been designed to eliminate excessive steering jacking so you aren't fighting with the weight of the car. Built in Self Centring, and improved steering feel. Notes The kit is fully assembled and aligned on a jig at Wisefab before disassembling and shipping. This means that you can just assemble it, bolt it to the car and presuming your car hasn't been in too many crashes, you will set the toe, and be able to drive away in a blazing ball of tyre smoke with huge angle! This kit changes the track width of the front suspension dramatically, It will require higher offset narrower wheels than you can fit using normal hubs or Driftworks Geomaster. The recommended backspacing of the wheel is 135-140mm. For example these wheel width /offsets will work: 7“ ET45; 8“ ET35; 9“ ET25. Dependent on rim width and ET, wider front wings (fenders) may be required. 15“original rim could be used if needed. With a tyre diameter no bigger than 605mm (215/40R17) and an average lowered ride height the inner wheel wells don’t have to be modified. With tire diameter up to 635mm (215/45R17, 225/45R17, 235/40R17, 225/40R18 etc) and a lowered ride height the inner wheel wells need to be slightly modified. (nothing more than the usual hammering Schassis's usually require with increased steering lock) This is a comprehensive kit, with a huge amount of research and development put into it. If you want the most insane steering angle on the planet, then this is the kit for you!

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