Wisefab - Nissan S Chassis Rear Suspension Kit

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The Wisefab S Chassis Rear Suspension Kit includes: 2 x Rear Knuckles / Hubs 2 x Lower Arms 2 x Toe Arms 2 x Camber Arms 2 x Traction Arms Please note, some Wisefab kits are built to order, and will be dispatched approximately 2 weeks from the point of order. The Wisefab Nissan S-Chassis Rear Suspension Kit is here to provide you with maximum grip on a lowered S chassis. We all love our RWD Nissans, but we also know how compromised the design is on a powerfull lowered car in terms of traction... Wisefab have completely redesigned the way the rear suspension moves under suspension compression to give a near perfect contact patch at all times. Revised kinematics.. Not just a dropped knuckle. Dropped knuckles are good to maintain factory kinematics on lowered car, but still factory kinematics were originally designed for 200bhp and 205 wide tyres. If maximum grip is what you are looking for, then a total redesign that includes good roll centre position, camber gain, anti squat and bump steer is required. Weight The Wisefab S chassis rear kit saves over 10kg of unsprung weight compared with the standard parts! Manufacturing and testing Fabricated from high strength steel, the design is optimised for strength and weight saving. The knuckle itself weighs just 2.7kg and can hold 6G of loadpeak at the tyres contact patch on the 1100kg test car. The Wisefab arms are designed in straight tubular section, again to save weight. Notes The track width of the car remains stock, so normal wheel widths and offsets are okay. Minimum wheel diameter is 17" Of course this can also fit many other Nissans if you have the correct subframe to fit it too. For example R32 using S13 subframe or R33 using S14 subframe.

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