Fr&Rear Adj. Lower Arms S13 S14 S15 R32 R33 R34 Z32

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he Driftworks Suspension Line. As used on our own winning Cars. This kit fits: Z32 S13 200sx / Silvia / 180SX S14 200sx / Silvia S15 Silvia R32 / R33 / R34 GTSt an GTT Skyline models Adjustable lower control arms feature adjustable track width, roll centre correction, adjustable front bump stop's and rose joints all round. At the shortest setting they're stock S14/R33 length and longest allow for around 50mm increase per side. Both front and rear adjustable lower arms are supplied with fitting kits for all of the cars listed above and are priced per pair. *Please note the fronts will not fit any 4WD models. If being used with Geomaster knuckles you may need to shorten the lower castle nut. Some aftermarket ARB droplinks require removal of the ARB mounting tab. Benefits of Front Adjustable arms Allows you to increase your track (the width of your wheelbase). Gives more precise steering control and feedback. Eliminates all interference, binding and slop in your suspension when used with our adjustable tension control arms. Superior braking stability. Accommodates more steering angle. Benefits of Rear Adjustable arms Adjustability allows an increased track (width of wheelbase). This increases stability, and also allows camber adjustment from the bottom axis. Tightens up the whole rear end. The rear lower arm bushes are put under alot more stress when drifting and circuit racing. These arms with spherical bearings remove that slop completely. Use of bearings instead of bushes means there is no binding within suspension travel. No more replacing tired and damaged bushes.

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