Driftworks Toe rods NISSAN SX, S13 S14 S15

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Driftworks adjustable toe rods, essential when lowering the car, you often go beyond the range of standard toe adjustment causing uneven tyre wear and poor handling characteristics. The adjustable toe rods allow you to dial in precise settings for your needs, be it for tyre wear, fast road, track or drift use. The use of spherical bearings helps eliminate unwanted play in suspension components without any noticable difference in refinement All of our suspension products are designed and tested for rigorous use. They are made to our own exacting specifications, using high load Japanese three piece bearings, and strong welds. Do not confuse these products with cheap imitations that use dangerous bearings, poor quality materials and insufficient welding. *Lifetime warranty is applicable on mechanical arm failure only, not finish or bearings. Original owner with proof of purchase.

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