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The brand new replacement for the classic AE86, the GT86. Our HSD coilovers are suitable for getting the correct look for your car and more importantly removing the soft stock suspension and making it more suitable for track/drift. The MR2 was designed as a sports car, with suspension being the only large modification needed to make a fantastic fast road/track car. The Toyota Supra uses double wishbone suspension across all models. This means camber is adjusted via the suspension arms and the suspension purely controls damping. Both HSD kits offer seperate spring preload and height adjustment meaning no loss of damper travel and accurate corner weighting without effecting spring preload The Toyota JZX90 and JZX100 are import only cars often used for drifting and "VIP" influenced builds.We have suspension kits with great adjustibility that can cover both road and track/drift use. We have a lot of experience with the JZX chassis, from daily driver to huge single turbo manual conversions run by the Driftworks team.

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