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The Honda Accord, not a car normally associated with modifications, but increasingly popular. Achieve the ultimate lowered look for the street, or BTCC inspired for the track! Integra Type-R needs no introduction, finish off a very good chassis with a set of high performance coilovers for fast road/track. EG, EK and EJ Civic use double wishbone suspension, meaning all alignment is adjusted via the suspension arms. The suspension controls damping only. EP use MacPherson from suspension, meaning HSD kits offer front camber adjustment via the top mounts. The DualTech is and entry level kit suited to road and occasional track users, staying comfortable, giving a large range of adjustment and a sporty ride. If you have a lower budget, or require a kit to look good, this is the one for you. The MonoPro kit is aimed at fast road or pure track. Being monotube the dampers have the valving finesse needed for road compliance, with the durability and consistent performance needed for the track. Custom track spring rates are available on request. The S2000 is a car designed from the factory with performance in mind. The only major chassis component that needs changing is the suspension. If need an entry level kit for road and occasional track use, or a top end road/track kit, HSD can offer it!

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