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All E36 and later BMW 3 series use MacPherson strut front suspension and inboard rear spring setups. This allows for front camber adjustment via the top mounts and OEM style seperate spring and shock rear suspension, allowing for great levels of adjustability. E39 5 series uses true coilover front and rear, as well as having camber adjustable front top mounts. Very solid cars from the factory make for a car well suited to performance use. With the addition of HSD coilovers you can fine tune your settings to have a great car for fast road, track or drift. The DualTech is a great kit for road and occasional track use, offering a comfortable yet sporty ride. The MonoPro is a compliant, yet capable kit that has been used to cover huge amounts of road miles, win championship level drifting and on sub 8min Nurburgring cars. It really can't be beaten for under £1500.

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