Winterbeater widebody E36

Every year when fall suddenly transforms into all white season every single petrolhead smiles. Smiles like a kid arriving to a funfare. Winter is here couple of weeks before then expected as usual. Massive queues at tyre change. Lots of accidents and all related winter attractions all around. You in a middle of it all with your summer ride stuck on a street cause you are late as all the others. When snow covers all the roads around with approximately 10+cm layer you nervously going thrue classifieds in Quattro and other AWD section. Or like 318is. Next day roads are just wet and you change your mind for good. Different thought are on your mind now. Like, to skid in this conditions i need 300+hp for AWD, so it's another projectcar in a garage. Car Nr.X Do i need that? Not sure. And so on. All that while you in your M3 skidding hell out of it on it's way to the garage for winter hibernation. 300 ponies in RWD is excess for a skinny winter tyres and you definetely won't ruine this body with salt and other winter goodies. Also 1.8is is not a solution. Just not enough power. And noise, what an ugly noise. Any real bimmer have to be 6 cylinder at least. So 2.5 or 2.8 are the only bets here. Personally i do not understand why they ever produced two liter engines at all. Please welcome 1995, 328i, M-Pack. And actually it's not black. It is Violett, no seriously V-I-O-L-E-T-T! I was polishing the car recently and this was evident. Pretty nice shape body and interior. Black leather heated seats, alcantara wrapped roof lining, full oBC, climate control. I've added 350MM diameter deep-dish steering wheel and some cleaning. Also a lovely feature is a M50 dashboard which is scaled to 260 instead of M52's 240km/h speedo, as well as DIY red needles. A very nice car indeed. But...There always follows but. Got it with broken chain tensioner. Not a big deal. Engine out, new tensioner, chain, bearings and all gaskets. Then regular maintenance. Ready to roll. Then the body. I am a big fan of "Fitment Lab" overfenders on E36. Have it on my summer S50 swapped coupe. And i wanted to keep on rolling on style in winter ride either. Got a set of fenders and brought it to "Pusha Wrap" wrapping workshop to get them done in carbon. I am not a fan of carbon at all, but have seen one French guy done it to his ebony coupe. More then satisfied. Wheels were not in question. Best option about a 10" inch wide is DARE RS with ET15. Perfectly matching this fenders with 20mm spacers at rear axle. Wrapped in 215/45 Dunlop Graspic winter rubber. Rise a height, added comfort and bulky look. They nicely compensated wheel gap after winding coilovers to appropriate height for a snowbashing. Driven car for a couple of hundred kilometers and what can i say? Pretty nice little missile. Powerplant with a nice VANOS kick at 3500RPM makes you contectrated quite a bit. No understeer whatsoever with this setup. Clearly heard low exhaust note at low RPM and backpressure burps at downshifts makes my daily commute quite exciting. Stay tuned and share your projects with community Write us on FB or email
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