Dear petrolheads. Welcome! STANCE.LV began it's duty. Latvian stance movement source. Inspired by many. Established in July 2013 as a common place for Baltics car enthusiasts. "Low as Bass" host. We are not pretending to adopt a new trend in here. We just might have a bit different reasons for doing this. We always are trying our best to meet article heroes in person. As well as we are sure that we have some cars the world ain't seen yet. We want to see and show all those modified beauties where budget is not playing a major role. Intention for perfection and some style&taste are the keywords.


We want you to mail us at

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with your ride's photos and we'll spread your story via stance.lv source. It does not matter what are you into. Whether it's Germans, Japs, Yankees or something made back in U.S.S.R days. We are coming to know you. There are no borders for a love and passion we share in common.


Jurijs Odorovskis

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